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"AdAmAn Alley" launches permanent projection mural

Mountain Majesty, George Berlin’s uniquely dazzling projection story for AdAmAn Alley brilliantly blends inspiring images layered together with an all-new mural painted by world renowned artist El MacSOUND ON and enjoy it below!

We're delighted to help AdAmAn Alley celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AdAmAn Club's first climb up Pikes Peak to set off fireworks from the summit at midnight on New Year’s Eve with our breathtaking projection mapping custom-designed for this gorgeous mural by the world-renowned El Mac. 


At over half a block’s breadth and three stories high, the display is impressively immense – it’s the biggest and brightest attraction in the Alley’s art experience! It is sure to thrill the adventuresome Revelers gathered in celebration of the area's rich history, the mountain’s majesty, and the AdAmAn Club’s annual fireworks marvel.

The rich light and resplendent colors showcase the mountain region’s vast natural beauty. Lush forest, high prairie, and indigenous flowers grow and bloom before our eyes, and reveal the region’s creatures great and small in action. And of course there are the famous fireworks, shooting into the star studded sky, and reflecting their delightful display and warm glow across the child’s face and ours. 
El Mac’s mural depicts a child with eyes raised to the mountain heavens, his expression struck with wonder and awe of the fireworks spectacle. Mountain Majesty brings the child’s astonishment to thrilling life, reaching out to Revelers and uniting all sharing in this amazing vision. 

Adventurers trek up the moving mountainside, immersed in their own personal encounter as wholly part of our natural world. The entire experience rolls in the rhythms of our physical world, and is sprinkled with faceted surfaces in motion reflecting exquisite natural order and implying our wondrous future. 

In George’s signature style, Mountain Majesty creates the space and beckons us to blend ourselves into the story. We are touched by a deeper meaning reflected by our own personal life experience. We become emotionally connected standing alongside the child, also struck with wonder and awe, and share fully in this magical celebration of this region’s natural beauty, and the thrill of the AdAmAn Club’s New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacle!

Pikes Peak (Tava Kahv or Sun Mountain) is nicknamed America’s Mountain, but the Peak has held special significance for many diverse groups, from the area’s earliest Indigenous communities to today’s residents, visitors and outdoor adventurers from around the world.

For 100 years, the AdAmAn Club has helped this community further connect with Pikes Peak by presenting an annual midnight fireworks show to ring in the New Year, ignited at the summit and visible throughout the entire Pikes Peak Region.

In a time when the Pikes Peak Region is undergoing rapid growth, public art can make a powerful statement about identity and values. The AdAmAn Club exemplifies this region’s spirit of adventure and its perseverance in overcoming adversity, carrying forward tradition while making the club’s mission ever more inclusive. Placemaking elements of AdAmAn Alley will serve as an evocative depiction of our community’s best attributes through the lens of America’s Mountain.

This first-of-its-kind creative placemaking adventure will entertain, educate and inspire, leaving visitors with an indelible memory of the City at the foot of Pikes Peak.


Murals celebrating the ecology and cultural significance of Pikes Peak
“AdAmAn Alley” gateway arch between Carlton & Hibbard buildings
Pavement with an artistic treatment evoking Barr Trail
AdAmAn Club archival photographs and footage



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