Earthrise: Apollo celebrates Moon Landing around the world

​CHICAGO, IL – July 20, 2019 – George Berlin Studios celebrated the 50th anniversary of the heroic Apollo 11 moon landing launching EarthRise: Apollo, a three part space saga series of projection mapping epics performed in the US, Europe, and Asia. The series dances with delight through our innate fascination with outer space, and honors the untiring human will to explore our universe that first thrust us to the moon.


Told over three prestigious projection and light festivals on three continents around the world, each spell-binding story segment voyages on soundscapes of originally composed and compelling music through vibrant candy-colored 3D animation, illustrations, and retro pixel art. The imaginatively stunning stories spun out over 9 combined minutes of magic journey through the history of heavenly wonder and exploration, and amazingly muse over future possibility and discovery.

Watch the films here and enjoy images below.