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"Eco-nnections" launches an epic series of global ecology stories

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George Berlin’s SIXTH amazing story in his Eco-nnections series launched Sept. 9th in Tokyo at the 1 Minute Projection Mapping Competition as one of just 20 chosen from 300 international entries (above.)

The second installment dazzled the crowds at
BLINK 2022 the largest US festival of experiential light art hosting two million attendees in Cincinnati, and a third debuted on May 2023 at
Digital Graffiti, with others showing in Denver in 2022 and 2023.


This epic global series shines novel new rays from the artist’s signature perspective on the geneses of our universe and its cycles of life.
Light in all its colors, water in all its forms, the elements forged from long distant stars, and the irrepressible instinct of life to survive and thrive. 


Enjoy videos of them all with your sound on below!

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BLINK 2022 Projection Mapping on climate change by George Berlin Studios
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BLINK 2022 Projection Mapping on climate change by George Berlin Studios

Eco-nnections:  Flow at Tokyo Lights 2023
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Eco-nnections: Flow at Tokyo Lights 2023

"Eco-nnections: Dreams" George Berlin Night Lights Denver projection mapping
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"Eco-nnections: Dreams" George Berlin Night Lights Denver projection mapping

The first series story, Eco-nnections: Dreams, premiered in 2022 at Night Lights Denver introducing to the world Eco-nnections’ overall messaging brilliantly mirroring ecological systems and their connections in our natural world. Light, water, and cosmic dust synergize throughout birthing Earth’s breadth of life. Fungi, plants, and animals frolic in an unexpected blend of arctic, desert, and ocean settings inspiring a fresh look at just how connected our seemingly disparate ecosystems exist.

George’s BLINK installment, Eco-nnections: Together, is a thought provoking step forward drawing us Seekers ever deeper into the story.

It splashes alive with fresh perspective on the mysteries of our natural world, diving beneath the surface to reveal connections we may not normally recognize nor ponder. 

Beginning at the heart with life giving light and water birthing seed, plants, and animals, we cross countless boundaries of lands, climates, and life forms immersed in how all are so in fact closely connected. And when elements of life face challenge, we witness its indomitable nature to retrench and sprout anew.

Together grows throughout celebrating the greatest of our planet’s life, building in brilliant tribute to our own human essence. It poignantly portrays our cosmic origins, vital connections, and essential interdependence with yet another story reveling in our love for the natural world that has, indeed, brought us to life.

May 2023 "Eco-nnections: Harmony" at Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach, Florida! Enjoy a few images below: