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18 Taiwan cities in one story

"Flow Kagi" is a story celebrating the beauty and vastness of Chiayi County, Taiwan told as the showcase of a 7-day immersive arts festival MOTUS @ KAGI in April of 2021.

Projected onto the historic Japanese water tower of Shuidaotou Village in Puzi City, this tale is the culmination of my having traveled all through Taiwan and Chiayi County for 5 months seeking unexpected delights in the cities, mountains, rivers, and oceans of the area.

This was the highlight of the MOTUS @ KAGI festival, where we also designed an immersive 360 film, created all the stamps and festival map, made art for the Virtual Graffiti tent, and spoke with curious guests on our time there.

Enjoy this video of our projection mapping with the sound on (below) and photos from the event:

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