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Spectrum shines with live orchestra + dance performances

Spectrum debuted with Chicago’s Mind Exchange Music performing their custom score LIVE in Chicago August 18th 2021 


Spectrum is a journey of exploration and celebration through the colors that comprise the visible light in our lives, transporting us around the hues that paint the emotional life experiences in our world- the deep love that first brought us into this life, nurtures our growth, softens our sadness, fires our passions, fuels our aspirations, often leads to bringing more new life into our world, and comforts us in our twilight.


The original music score is tightly woven together with the vibrant visuals into the very fabric of the work, pulling us ever more dramatically forward into the rolling waves of emotional connection and further enhancing the immersive experience.

Spectrum: Reimagined premiered May 3rd 2022 as an entirely NEW immersive art experience– a live performance featuring Urban Jazz by Joel Hall Dancers with new choreography by Jacqueline Sinclair complementing our original story and transforming the soaring entryway into a magical wonderland.

The performance reinvigorated an iconic urban space by placing focus on community and the energetic exchange that happens when we interact with each other. Renowned floral designer Zac Hall transformed the space into a lush natural landscape, with live music by instrumentalists from Mind Exchange Music.

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