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Building the Tree of Light

Sketches start to become reality

We're making progress! This light sculpture has LOTS of parts, but it all begins with the structure.

This is just the basic from, with bits and pieces all over that come together to hold this all together.

Here's a few more for you- corner panels and parts of the beacon on top:

Since it's such a large light sculpture- over 30 feet (10 meters) tall and 18 feet wide (6 meters) at its base, much of it starts out in segments that are being welded on-site as we speak.

How'd they get all these parts figured out? Well they took my initial 'visual design' made in 3D and had an architect create a structural model from it that will support all the elements I've envisioned.

The 'mesh' parts you see on alternating sides of each floor will hold native artist designs, while the other sides will be covered with colored acrylic to let light flow through them. The top will be solid red acrylic with steel overlays to act as a beacon, shining out toward the 7 continents. Most parts are being cut and welded. Some parts, like the hearts and stars on the edges shown earlier, are cut from the steel with a water-jet cutter using my digital files. I draw, they cut it out of metal and people enjoy it!

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