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Coming together 😁

You've seen the skeleton of the tree going up, let's see some finish on it.

I don't have as much documentation of this part because, honestly, it was kind of bananas!

At one point we had half a dozen steel workers welding ... with acrylic workers cutting and hanging panels and another set of electrical contractors laying in power all at once.

All up and down the same 6 level structure with sparks flying, grinding metal, cutting, climbing, sawing... And I had to make sure they were all getting things right!

Here's an in-progress shot after about 15 workers had finished adding acrylic panels, metal mesh and electrical outlets all the way up to the top beacon:

It's turning into something ain't it?

Compare it to this shot, just a day or so earlier:

I had to make sure all the acrylic panels went in the right places- each level has 4 identical sides with two mesh and two acrylic panels. And their orientation rotates 90 degrees each level. A few times they were installing them facing the wrong way.

You can see it's designed for the heart to skip a level on each side, from the doors and windows all the way up with acrylic panels. The same with the stars and the mesh panels. It's a tricky design if you're not the one who created it 😉

And I had to do it all with translators and lots of hand gestures!

After this was a long night of hanging up rope lights and native artwork along the mesh on the inside and outside with a crane and lots and lots of zip ties.

Next: the Grand unveiling- with tons of press, live musical performances in the Tree of Light, VIP guests, dancing and a killer banquet!

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