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Designing a Tree of Light:

Going from that sketchy doodle to something we can build

How do you go from this:

to this 3D design... and on to an actual three-story light sculpture people can WALK into?

Well, it starts with a really basic idea:

This is the first visualization I did after that squiggle up top. Each level is a truncated pyramid with shaved off corners, with each floor getting smaller as it goes up to pointed cap. Add some scribbles on top of the render to get the visual thinking going, and we're on our way! Some things we had to consider in our design process:

  • Making a repeatable level structure that allowed different villages to customize parts of easily while maintaining one design aesthetic and keeping ease of assembly

  • Designing scrollwork that is both whimsical and showcases bamboo- a natural resource the area and people are well-known for producing and working with well

  • Creating corner pieces that can emit light and also be versatile enough to allow native artists to design in interesting ways

  • A beacon of light on the top, stretching out to the 7 continents in a way that honors the people whose homes this sculpture will celebrate

  • Finding fun opportunities to add interior sensory interest- from bamboo chimes to rope lights to a 'portal' running the entire height of the sculpture to gaze up through when you're inside of it

  • Integrating the Tree of Light within an entire environment that includes seating, a pathway guiding guests to the tree, light sculptures in the space around it and how it all fits into the mountainous area it will inhabit Next up: bits and pieces! A look into all the individual elements making up the Tree

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