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Life in Laiji: the details

After that last post, I took a little walk all the way to the outskirts of town. It didn't take long- I could still see the Tree of Light from the farthest point!

Here's some highlights:

The boar is their adopted local symbol- lots of people have them as mailboxes.

Every house has many many plants outside. I couldn't even capture all the ones here!

Farther out of town, where locals farm or build. None of the roads are straight here.

This next building was abandoned and nearly overgrown. There's a patio here that is completely inaccessible.

I really liked this little path along a drainage area just next to where the kids hang out at the basketball courts.

On Christmas day, a stage-in-a-truck pulled up to the basketball court and there were local talent shows, a raffle with bikes and household goods, and other fun!

Here's where I'm staying, just below that blue line. The basketball court is just around that bend.

There's a good deal of "house on a house on a house" structures here. People build spaces as they need them. Another view:

I'm inside that patio! I can't go out to it, but there's a cat who likes to howl out there.

This is all actually part of that big B n B area in the photo below. It all gets built up on top of the last thing.

The tour buses actually back in around this tight corner to the right of the Tree of Light below!

So it's a great spot to draw attention to the area- a group jumped out of that bus and started taking some photos of it as I was watching.

It may actually be the tallest thing in town!

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