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My heart will go on!

Continuing the saga of building my heart sculpture...Open Your Heart.

Earlier I showed you some of the design process, from idea to scribbles and on to digital design and metal cutting.

Here's a bit more! The heart held up by a few cool helpers as we prepare it for acrylic:

That huge colorful pile on the left is all parts for the heart and the Tree of Light- over 20 acrylic panels!

Also, that's Jack and Eli, twins who grew up here in Taiwan with American parents and speak fluent Chinese 😃 They were a huge help in communicating with the workers.

The Open Your Heart sculpture is two matching sides and a set of flat panels running the perimeter of it's inner edge. Here's one side with some acrylic secured to it:

It's got an alternating red/pink/orange/yellow color scheme with pink and red accents on opposite sides. The acrylic is held in with silicone and the two sides will be screwed together to a stand after all the lights are inside it.

Here it is on its stand with some supports while they tested the fit on a few pieces:

This is more of the acrylic in place with the heart near its permanent home- down a ways from the Tree of Light by a multimedia dome theater run by the same group that commissioned the tree.

See that white circle in the pic below? That's the dome, as seen from my room around the corner from the Tree of Light!

We're still finishing up the heart sculpture right now, due to a comedy of errors revolving around one piece of the acrylic cutting process that delayed putting it all together 🤪

But I swear it's going to be amazing!

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