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Paperwork and Restrictions

You can't just jump on a plane to Taiwan right now.

Taiwan isn't offering entry to ANY foreign visitors for tourism or family visits at this time. Normally, you'd just book a flight and show up with your passport. Things are a bit different.

My time here falls under 'Cultural Exchange' so I was allowed- with some hoops to go through.

First, you need a Visa- and they're not taking appointments. You have to mail your paperwork in- after you've emailed them scans of all your documents to make sure you have it all in order.

For me, I needed a physical invitation letter mailed to me with signifying stamps from my partners in Taiwan and all sorts of other things- a guarantee letter, their business license, some current photos, declarations that I haven't had a fever lately, my passport, etc. Then they looked it over and I went down to pick it up! Once you have all that, you need to fill out a health declaration form online (that you'll finish filling out on arrival) like the one below- with your hotel name and address, contact at home, where you sat on the flight, etc. On arrival, you'll find that MANY places will need to make use of this- my hotel asked for it, the local police will use it to call you occasionally to ask how you're feeling, the Central Epidemic Control Center will put you on a list to robo-text every day with questions on your health...

Like many countries, they're also requiring a negative COVID test within 3 days before departure. This is a whole other ordeal to work out. There are two kinds of tests...

  • Cheap, unpredictable, and slow

  • Precise, fast, and expensive

Many reduced cost tests at places like the local drug store or free municipal sites have uncertain wait times or may run out- and can take up to 72 hours for results. Since I needed a test in a certain time period, I just had to find a local lab and pay a few hundred dollars for an appointment that got my results that same night. I printed it out and headed off to my flight- yeah! You can read about my flight in this post. Upon arrival, of course, there were a few more hurdles to jump over ;-)

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