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Quarantine Hotel Life in Taiwan

Welcome to your new home for two weeks

Aside from what's in my room, this is the only view I have to the outside world.

Luckily, it's a beautiful and ever-changing mountain landscape. What's it like staying in just one room for two weeks? It's different, but they've set us up nicely.

I've got plenty of tea- black and green. And, well, an apple peeler? But they've given us quite a few apples while we're here, so that's nice.

And of course, a hot water kettle. It's China, after all. Enjoyed a lot of tea in this so far :-)

And a ton of toiletries! Because, you're not leaving this room to go buy some!! There's two weeks worth of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, some razors, soap, cream, etc.

They also include a nice desk to work at, two cases of water, a TV in the main room and the bedroom and a full kitchen that you can't really use. I have a two burner stove but no pots or utensils of any kind. Also, who flies right into town with food ready to cook? The microwave and fridge have been nice with the occasional left overs. There's really no forks or spoons in this room, or dishes for that matter. I'm pretty good with the chopsticks we get with each meal but, man, if someone stayed here who wasn't it'd be a rough couple of weeks! The TV is a selection of Chinese shows, some Japanese shows and about the equivalent of basic cable in English. I've enjoyed hooking my laptop up to the TV to watch Netflix, which seems to offer just as much here, but suggests more Asian fare than at home. Disney+ isn't available here in Taiwan, so I can't enjoy any of that. I'm not afraid to yank wires out of connectors in strange places, but some of you may not be so bold. I've even fired up a few aerobic workouts on YouTube so I can get a little blood flowing, because it's not like I'll be heading to the gym or the pool or out for a walk. So if you're really active and heading to another country right now, plan accordingly. The biggest thing I can say is have things planned to do! Work, blogs like this, a regiment of photos to take or people you need to call for meetings. I've been painting while I'm here, shooting videos, creating some animation, and even making a rubber band ball from the ones securing my food each day. Otherwise time can get very weird in an empty room with one view. But also, take some time to goof off- listen to music, watch some fun shows, take a nap. You'll thank me for it.

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