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Tree of Light- Build Progress

Climbing to the heavens and shining to the 7 continents

Enjoy this glimpse into the inner workings of realizing a big beautiful light sculpture:

My favorite part of this is that workman's table- basically a huge tree stump! Before they cleared it out, this lot had huge piles of lumber under that tarp in the background. So they kept a few for doing their work on.

You can also see the beacon has been added to the top from the digitally cut shapes I designed. I got a little swoon-y seeing the beacon on top in that shot! It's a really special part of this for me and seeing it look more like a tree is pretty great. I'm leaving quarantine tomorrow morning and will finally get to see all this in person.

There are so many people and so many parts to this! The core structure of this tree is steel, which you can see going up in the first video. On top of that, we have mesh on two sides of each level and acrylic on the other two sides which will be lit from within. The mesh will hold art designed by natives that can be rotated out or changed for different occasions. All of the mesh and acrylic panels are being delivered to the site today, and soon every thing can be fitted and sized on site.

After that, we'll be adding finishing touches like lighting, bamboo scroll work and grass elements, etc.

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