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Tree of Light- Native Art

How local art and traditions will integrate with our design

Look at all those great kids adding their own voices to the Tree of Light!

These are children from the local native villages, adding fish-themed designs to panels that will reside on the corners of the tree at each level. Different villages will add themed designs that reflect what they're known for- from leather to pigs, fireflies, and iron. Here we see them working under the guidance of local artists and their teachers on a collaborative painting.

You can see one of the finished panels here, featuring a fish motif with mountains inside of it surrounded by abstract native patterns in black and white. So colorful!

The natives have their own distinctive visual language featuring all sorts of great animal figures like this, often painted on rocks. There are quite a few on the road up to where I'm headed in Alishan:

You can see here how we've designed these panels to integrate onto the Tree of Light sculpture:

Levels will alternate between my designs for the corner panels and native designs. Here's another corner panel- made by a local professional artist along with some very colorful tires that will be used for tables around the Tree of Light:

This will be backed with colored acrylic so that light can shine out from behind it to light up the tree.

Aren't all of these pieces fantastic? I can't wait to see it all come together in celebration of this place and its people.

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