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What do you EAT there?

I'm so glad you asked me this!

The short answer: so many delicious and adorable things!

I mean, c'mon, look at those two adorable owls! And it's adorable on the outside too:

That breakfast was one of my first days here- the little rice balls have pork inside them and the sausages were sweet and snappy. Lots and lots of rice and garlic-y veggies, along with some noodle soups and marinated chicken and other tasty things. Here's the best part: they never ask what you want, beyond if you eat meat when you check-in. Three times a day at the same times someone just leaves a bag outside your door with food and rings the bell. No ordering, no menus. Food just shows up. I'm like the best-fed zoo animal ever! Here's a sampling of what I've had in just a week:

Sometimes we had rice, sometimes soup, and at breakfast conghee was a big staple.

This one came with custard even! Those little strips are breaded potatoes. The purple corn was a treat.

Most of these I just tossed in with my rice in varying degrees and ate while watching some great shows. All of it feels like restaurant quality food made like at home.

If you want to see more of the food, I've done daily unboxing videos explaining what's what on my Facebook page and there's also some daily photos exploring different parts of my view out the window on my Instagram page to get a feel for how life is in a quarantine hotel in Taiwan.

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